,,Following several shows with Ben Reel I decided to record my 4th album here in Ireland ,with Ben as producer.We chose Tommy Flack's "ATTIC STUDIOS"in Monaghan town.Interestingly ,this album features all Northern musicians,,Ronnie O'Flynn on bass and Michael Black on drums , from County Monaghan,Ben Reel on guitars , backing vocals and harmonica and his wife Julieanne,on backing vocals,from County Armagh ,John McCullogh from County Antrim on keybords form the core of the great band sound on the album.I share the lead electric guitar duties with Ben and we really got rocking!This album achieves a sound and a groove I have been seeking for years.This time the songs were just right ,the band had the feeling immediately,and we REALLY NAILED IT!!Great thanks is due to Ben Reel for managing the project and producing the recording.Tommy Flack engineered and Ruairi O'Flaherty mastered.On sale soon on this website and at gigs,,,sample tracks coming soon,,

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