Jetlagged and a bunch of new songs!

Had a great trip to the U.S. Met a wrote songs with,,Tommy Womack,,Trent Summar,,Rich Wayland,,Irene Kelley,,Sergio Webb,,Toni Catlin,,Justyna Kelley,,Had a great gig in Douglas Corner,Nashville with Tony Arata,Irene Kelley,and Erin Enderlin,,Sergio Webb guested on guitar,,seriously wonderful writers and players,,many thanks for having me!!Met up,,at last,,with Mary Sack ,,who steers careers,,for artists such as David Olney,Tommy Womack etc,,a person obviously committed to real music,,a pleasure to meet you Mary,,thanks for coming to the concert,, Heading to Belfast/Nashville Festival Thursday to Sat 23rd,,more later,, Grateful thanks to all who attended my show in Coastguard Station ,Tramore,,special thanks to Niall O Brien,Gerry Madden,and Conor O Neill,,guest musicians on the night,,also to Catherine Horan and Jane who ran the event for Waterford County Council Arts,,fantastic acoustic venue,,hope to be back!! Just got word that the Arts Council of Ireland have decided to fund some of my travel costs to America for collaboration with other songwriters and song publishers,,thank you for the support!!

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