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Tony McLoughlin – Ride The Wind Posted on October 4, 2011 by ChuckDauphin by Chuck Dauphin Irish by birth, Tony McLoughlin has a weathered quality to his music. It’s not all good times. He sings about real life, about emotions that we all have felt from time to time. The veteran performer’s new disc is chock-full of his musings on a variety of thoughts and subjects – all surrounded by his deeply moving voice. The title cut is a great example of his vocal approach, and it’s one of the strongest cuts here. He also has a deep affinity for the blues, which comes to full evidence on tracks like “Not Too Far From Memphis,” which is a tour de force through the Blues. At the same time, McLoughlin can turn down the tempo just a bit, as he does on the laid back “Deep Under Your Spell” and wistful “Treeline.” As a songwriter, the Americana-based act dazzles with each cut on the disc – whether it be the introspective “You Look To Me” or the 70s Pop / Folk sounds of the well-written “Mother’s Son.” He also shows his skills on guitar, delivering some very strong licks to “You Look For It All,” and turns in a Springsteen-ish type performance on the stirring “Let The River Run.” No, you’re not going to find McLoughlin’s music next to Taylor or Katy on the radio, but if you like music from an artist who has been around the block a few times and can sing about the mistakes they have made – as well as the lessons learned from them, give this a try. Chances are, you’ll be glad you did! For more information, log on to! This entry was posted in CD Review and tagged americana music association, chuck dauphin, country music, dan harr, music news nashville, songwriting, tony mcloughlin. Bookmark the permalink.Tony McLoughlin – Ride The Wind Posted on October 4, 2011 by ChuckDauphin by Chuck Dauphin

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