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7th Album Release 15th Nov 2019 

So friends, Tony McLoughlin's  latest album, we are proud to announce, is being released on the FUEGO.DE label on the 15th November 2019. All the usual online places...Itunes,Spotify etc for download and streaming. Hard copy cds will be for sale direct through this site or at gigs..or..simply mail Tony to : for this or any of his other recordings.

This beautiful album is produced by the renowned guitarist/singer/ songwriter Philip Donnelly, with whom Tony began to play sessions in…

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Album Review from Nashville! 

Tony McLoughlin – Ride The Wind Posted on October 4, 2011 by ChuckDauphin by Chuck Dauphin Irish by birth, Tony McLoughlin has a weathered quality to his music. It’s not all good times. He sings about real life, about emotions that we all have felt from time to time. The veteran performer’s new disc is chock-full of his musings on a variety of thoughts and subjects – all surrounded by his deeply moving voice. The title cut is a great example of his vocal approach, and it’s one of the strongest…

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Teaming up with the Americans! 

Good news friends,and neighbours! As from August 1 2011 ,I have teamed up with Nashville based Radio Promotion specialists Radio Mavens( and with the renowned Pam Lewis publicity and PR company PLAMEDIA ( also associated with Winning Circle this space for further news of this and the release of my music on the American market..exciting,,huh? Also..just back from a great tour in Germany..

Ride The Wind European Release Date 

The new album will be released in Europe officially on the 23rd August 2010. However, all visitors to this site can now purchase the CD by going to the BUY link. In addition, samples can be listened to by going to the MUSIC link.

New Album "RIDE THE WIND" 

,,Following several shows with Ben Reel I decided to record my 4th album here in Ireland ,with Ben as producer.We chose Tommy Flack's "ATTIC STUDIOS"in Monaghan town.Interestingly ,this album features all Northern musicians,,Ronnie O'Flynn on bass and Michael Black on drums , from County Monaghan,Ben Reel on guitars , backing vocals and harmonica and his wife Julieanne,on backing vocals,from County Armagh ,John McCullogh from County Antrim on keybords form the core of the great band sound on the album.I…

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Blue is for the Ocean! 

Took a time out ! I went sailing on the magnificent schooner Thomas McDonagh for 3 months this Summer in the Mediterranean! Working with marine conservation organisation ALNITAK searching those blue waters for Dolphins,Whales,and Sea Turtles.What an experience!Got to meet many wonderful and inspiring scientists,sailors,fishermen,and conservationists from Spain(Alnitak,Submon,Circe,Greenpeace),Morocco,United States (NOAA) and France. I missed the music business,but took my Martin guitar on board and played…

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Jetlagged and a bunch of new songs! 

Had a great trip to the U.S. Met a wrote songs with,,Tommy Womack,,Trent Summar,,Rich Wayland,,Irene Kelley,,Sergio Webb,,Toni Catlin,,Justyna Kelley,,Had a great gig in Douglas Corner,Nashville with Tony Arata,Irene Kelley,and Erin Enderlin,,Sergio Webb guested on guitar,,seriously wonderful writers and players,,many thanks for having me!!Met up,,at last,,with Mary Sack ,,who steers careers,,for artists such as David Olney,Tommy Womack etc,,a person obviously committed to real music,,a pleasure to meet…

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busy few week ahead 

This week I met some very cool and creative young Irish musicians in St.Paul's Community College,Waterford,,did some songwriting workshops together,,looking forward to the finished songs,,many thanks to Ger Dunne for facilitating (celloist extraordinaire and teacher) This Saturday I have the pleasure of reuniting on stage with Niall O'Brien(vioin and bass),,special guests on the night will be Gerry Mdden on mandolin and Conor O'Neill(the voice),,three superb musicians ,,and comrades!,,see…

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