Blue is for the Ocean!

Took a time out ! I went sailing on the magnificent schooner Thomas McDonagh for 3 months this Summer in the Mediterranean! Working with marine conservation organisation ALNITAK searching those blue waters for Dolphins,Whales,and Sea Turtles.What an experience!Got to meet many wonderful and inspiring scientists,sailors,fishermen,and conservationists from Spain(Alnitak,Submon,Circe,Greenpeace),Morocco,United States (NOAA) and France. I missed the music business,but took my Martin guitar on board and played almost every evening on deck under the stars.Wrote some songs too,including a really nice one called "Ancient Ones" with my son Michael,in Cadiz.Recording it SOON! Some other cool stuff! Wrote a great number with Ricky Ross(Deacon Blue)andThomm Jutz (Nanci Griffiths Band) "Oh The Dark",last year in Belfast . Recently got the news that Ricky has recorded it with his wife in L.A. for their soon to be released album,,,,and hey! the same song is being released by Marshall and Alexander in Germany, this time with German lyrics with the title "Wie Weit Ist Panama"! Way back to Tennessee and the great guitarist , my friend and soul brother Sergio (Mark) Webb(David Olney Band,Motel Cowboys) has recorded two songs that we co wrote on his latest album .The songs "Treeline" and "In The Time" are two of my favourite songs. So , writing a bunch of songs at the moment and planning to record my 4th album in Nov/Dec with Thomm Jutz in Nashville.Also back to gigging locally in Ireland with Conor O'Neill (Ocean Hotel,Dunmore East,Co.Waterford ,Sat Nite residency) ,,and putting together some tours for later in the year. Last,not least, had the pleasure to hear fellow Northerner,Ben Reel and his band playing in Dunmore East.Top class! Check out his latest album "New Horizons". All for now guys,,some great photos coming soon,,on my NEW LOOK website!! Big Time!


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