Tony McLoughlin

new albums!!

Hello again my friends! Live music never dies ...and because we have chosen to write , record , and perform we are somehow vulnerable to the subtle manipulation of the dreaded "Music Business". Our art is taken as cheaply as possible and without a second thought. But this is somehow just as it has been for centuries , but with a modern twist . So you , my friends can consider yourselves the real patrons of art , who support artists because of the work they create and offer to the public . We should listen to Neil Young , who is striving to preserve the integrity of the recorded music. We should also be critically aware of the likes of "Spotify" , "Deezer" and their ilk . Is this really helping to spread good music to everyone , or is it simply starving the artists because of the pittance they are are paid , while these faceless corporations take even more than the Lion's share? We should all take a good look at these issues , I guess. However , the very fact that you are reading this outburst is evidence that you are actually a supporter of real handmade music and the artists who create it..rock on brothers and sisters!!

      Tony album with Marlon Klein ( for release Jan/Feb project for me is a solo album in the spirit of the iconic "Nebraska" by Bruce Springsteen...I am writing songs for this album at the moment . Otherwise playing occasional full electric gigs with my wonderful Irish 4 piece band (see calendar) and preparing to play some solo acoustic Concerts (to get me in the mood to record the new album I guess!) this end I would be delighted to hear from anybody interested in having me play a private House Concert , their Folk Club , or Art Centre.