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An Acoustic album and a Rocky album!


In the zone at the moment writing songs and laying down basic ideas for not one but two albums. Yes a long promised acoustic album , my Nebraska I guess, is taking shape. The bare bones of 10 songs are gathering flesh as I play that beautiful old Martin HD28 once again. It was out of action for a few years in need of big TLC..she is now refretted and sports a new saddle. The perfect guitar for an acoustic recording.

   While these acoustic songs are developing, rockier songs are being filed into another album folder and will be used for an album to be released by Grand Cru Records later in 2018! Have a great Christmas and New Year friends! See you in Ireland at the end of Jan for a Winter Tony McLoughlin Band Tour.dates soon.

Into the future..


JANUARY 2017 !  It sounds like a date from a science fiction novel!! But here we are, and still writing, singing, listening to, and recording "hand made music"...what else should we do that is so real, soulful, sharing, and essential? So..with this continued is what is going on at the moment with Tony McLoughlin Music !  2016 late Springtime saw the release by of my 6th studio album "WHERE IS JACK"(available at the usual sites i.e. iTunes, Amazon, Spotify etc) This is a collaboration album with the incredible Marlon Klein of Dissidenten fame ( and it really took me out of my usual rhythmic comfort zone. The resulting music is an exceptional collection Americana, Roots, and Blues..see for yourself!....current plans are for another "Tony McLoughlin" album and I am in the early stages of recording tracks for this. A special treat for me is that I am visiting my son Kim (bass on Where Is Jack album) in Johannesburg at the moment and we are laying down basic tracks in his studio..a first mix of "BLOOD ON BLOOD" is sounding fantastic! More soon folks !.....

New Album Release/New Record Deal/ New Dates


Hello friends , as we peep our darkened heads gently out of hibernation ... well another tough month to go... we begin to look for the brightness to come . Yes , it is unstoppably on it's way! So some good news for you addicts and fans and lovers of real handmade music! The long awaited release of my album with the fabulous Marlon Klein ( now in the hands of a great label from Bremen in Germany...  . We anticipate the end of March for the date of release of the cd (online also of course) along with a recently filmed video . The title of the album "WHERE IS JACK" and band name " McLOUGHLIN KLEIN . You can already order a signed copy by emailing me at : soon.

Some new dates in Ireland ,Switzerland and Germany with a great guitarist and friend Mick McCarney ..see Calendar . All for now folks..keep well..keep warm!


new albums!!


Hello again my friends! Live music never dies ...and because we have chosen to write , record , and perform we are somehow vulnerable to the subtle manipulation of the dreaded "Music Business". Our art is taken as cheaply as possible and without a second thought. But this is somehow just as it has been for centuries , but with a modern twist . So you , my friends can consider yourselves the real patrons of art , who support artists because of the work they create and offer to the public . We should listen to Neil Young , who is striving to preserve the integrity of the recorded music. We should also be critically aware of the likes of "Spotify" , "Deezer" and their ilk . Is this really helping to spread good music to everyone , or is it simply starving the artists because of the pittance they are are paid , while these faceless corporations take even more than the Lion's share? We should all take a good look at these issues , I guess. However , the very fact that you are reading this outburst is evidence that you are actually a supporter of real handmade music and the artists who create it..rock on brothers and sisters!!

      Tony album with Marlon Klein ( for release Jan/Feb project for me is a solo album in the spirit of the iconic "Nebraska" by Bruce Springsteen...I am writing songs for this album at the moment . Otherwise playing occasional full electric gigs with my wonderful Irish 4 piece band (see calendar) and preparing to play some solo acoustic Concerts (to get me in the mood to record the new album I guess!) this end I would be delighted to hear from anybody interested in having me play a private House Concert , their Folk Club , or Art Centre.

Back in Action


Hi Folks,took a little break from gigging since May,but back in action this Friday 18th July in Ryans Bar Kilkenny Ireland..see calendar..gonna tell you soon about two fantastic projects which are nearly ready to launch...1. is a new project album with the great Marlon Klein of the famous Dissidenten ( sept/Oct I guess...2.this is a beautiful boat project..gonna tell you all about it soon..I promise

Trip to States

Working on the final art work for the up coming new release,whilst on a writing and PR trip to the States.Gonna play a few shows and looking forward to hooking up with old friends and colleagues ,Irene Kelley,Thomm Jutz , Sergio Webb to name just a few.Gonna play a few shows while here,loose and ready to play!

New Album! Coming soon!

Working hard on my next(5th)album.Have recorded about 18 songs so far!and now it is getting close to EDITING!10 songs! It seems that this album will have a lot of that rocking (Crazy Horse!!)guitar feel once again.However,there are other songs which are demanding to be recorded in a really acoustic way and so it may be a mixture of acoustic and electic...but our great hero and mentor Neil Young showed us how to do that for years!Check out Rust Never I will follow the muse..and the masters!More soon...might post a song?!Check this space...

Album Review from Nashville!

Tony McLoughlin – Ride The Wind Posted on October 4, 2011 by ChuckDauphin by Chuck Dauphin Irish by birth, Tony McLoughlin has a weathered quality to his music. It’s not all good times. He sings about real life, about emotions that we all have felt from time to time. The veteran performer’s new disc is chock-full of his musings on a variety of thoughts and subjects – all surrounded by his deeply moving voice. The title cut is a great example of his vocal approach, and it’s one of the strongest cuts here. He also has a deep affinity for the blues, which comes to full evidence on tracks like “Not Too Far From Memphis,” which is a tour de force through the Blues. At the same time, McLoughlin can turn down the tempo just a bit, as he does on the laid back “Deep Under Your Spell” and wistful “Treeline.” As a songwriter, the Americana-based act dazzles with each cut on the disc – whether it be the introspective “You Look To Me” or the 70s Pop / Folk sounds of the well-written “Mother’s Son.” He also shows his skills on guitar, delivering some very strong licks to “You Look For It All,” and turns in a Springsteen-ish type performance on the stirring “Let The River Run.” No, you’re not going to find McLoughlin’s music next to Taylor or Katy on the radio, but if you like music from an artist who has been around the block a few times and can sing about the mistakes they have made – as well as the lessons learned from them, give this a try. Chances are, you’ll be glad you did! For more information, log on to! This entry was posted in CD Review and tagged americana music association, chuck dauphin, country music, dan harr, music news nashville, songwriting, tony mcloughlin. Bookmark the permalink.Tony McLoughlin – Ride The Wind Posted on October 4, 2011 by ChuckDauphin by Chuck Dauphin

Teaming up with the Americans!

Good news friends,and neighbours! As from August 1 2011 ,I have teamed up with Nashville based Radio Promotion specialists Radio Mavens( and with the renowned Pam Lewis publicity and PR company PLAMEDIA ( also associated with Winning Circle this space for further news of this and the release of my music on the American market..exciting,,huh? Also..just back from a great tour in Germany..

Ride The Wind European Release Date

The new album will be released in Europe officially on the 23rd August 2010. However, all visitors to this site can now purchase the CD by going to the BUY link. In addition, samples can be listened to by going to the MUSIC link.


,,Following several shows with Ben Reel I decided to record my 4th album here in Ireland ,with Ben as producer.We chose Tommy Flack's "ATTIC STUDIOS"in Monaghan town.Interestingly ,this album features all Northern musicians,,Ronnie O'Flynn on bass and Michael Black on drums , from County Monaghan,Ben Reel on guitars , backing vocals and harmonica and his wife Julieanne,on backing vocals,from County Armagh ,John McCullogh from County Antrim on keybords form the core of the great band sound on the album.I share the lead electric guitar duties with Ben and we really got rocking!This album achieves a sound and a groove I have been seeking for years.This time the songs were just right ,the band had the feeling immediately,and we REALLY NAILED IT!!Great thanks is due to Ben Reel for managing the project and producing the recording.Tommy Flack engineered and Ruairi O'Flaherty mastered.On sale soon on this website and at gigs,,,sample tracks coming soon,,

Blue is for the Ocean!

Took a time out ! I went sailing on the magnificent schooner Thomas McDonagh for 3 months this Summer in the Mediterranean! Working with marine conservation organisation ALNITAK searching those blue waters for Dolphins,Whales,and Sea Turtles.What an experience!Got to meet many wonderful and inspiring scientists,sailors,fishermen,and conservationists from Spain(Alnitak,Submon,Circe,Greenpeace),Morocco,United States (NOAA) and France. I missed the music business,but took my Martin guitar on board and played almost every evening on deck under the stars.Wrote some songs too,including a really nice one called "Ancient Ones" with my son Michael,in Cadiz.Recording it SOON! Some other cool stuff! Wrote a great number with Ricky Ross(Deacon Blue)andThomm Jutz (Nanci Griffiths Band) "Oh The Dark",last year in Belfast . Recently got the news that Ricky has recorded it with his wife in L.A. for their soon to be released album,,,,and hey! the same song is being released by Marshall and Alexander in Germany, this time with German lyrics with the title "Wie Weit Ist Panama"! Way back to Tennessee and the great guitarist , my friend and soul brother Sergio (Mark) Webb(David Olney Band,Motel Cowboys) has recorded two songs that we co wrote on his latest album .The songs "Treeline" and "In The Time" are two of my favourite songs. So , writing a bunch of songs at the moment and planning to record my 4th album in Nov/Dec with Thomm Jutz in Nashville.Also back to gigging locally in Ireland with Conor O'Neill (Ocean Hotel,Dunmore East,Co.Waterford ,Sat Nite residency) ,,and putting together some tours for later in the year. Last,not least, had the pleasure to hear fellow Northerner,Ben Reel and his band playing in Dunmore East.Top class! Check out his latest album "New Horizons". All for now guys,,some great photos coming soon,,on my NEW LOOK website!! Big Time!

Jetlagged and a bunch of new songs!

Had a great trip to the U.S. Met a wrote songs with,,Tommy Womack,,Trent Summar,,Rich Wayland,,Irene Kelley,,Sergio Webb,,Toni Catlin,,Justyna Kelley,,Had a great gig in Douglas Corner,Nashville with Tony Arata,Irene Kelley,and Erin Enderlin,,Sergio Webb guested on guitar,,seriously wonderful writers and players,,many thanks for having me!!Met up,,at last,,with Mary Sack ,,who steers careers,,for artists such as David Olney,Tommy Womack etc,,a person obviously committed to real music,,a pleasure to meet you Mary,,thanks for coming to the concert,, Heading to Belfast/Nashville Festival Thursday to Sat 23rd,,more later,, Grateful thanks to all who attended my show in Coastguard Station ,Tramore,,special thanks to Niall O Brien,Gerry Madden,and Conor O Neill,,guest musicians on the night,,also to Catherine Horan and Jane who ran the event for Waterford County Council Arts,,fantastic acoustic venue,,hope to be back!! Just got word that the Arts Council of Ireland have decided to fund some of my travel costs to America for collaboration with other songwriters and song publishers,,thank you for the support!!

busy few week ahead

This week I met some very cool and creative young Irish musicians in St.Paul's Community College,Waterford,,did some songwriting workshops together,,looking forward to the finished songs,,many thanks to Ger Dunne for facilitating (celloist extraordinaire and teacher). This Saturday I have the pleasure of reuniting on stage with Niall O'Brien(vioin and bass),,special guests on the night will be Gerry Mdden on mandolin and Conor O'Neill(the voice),,three superb musicians ,,and comrades!,,see calender,, Next day I fly to U.S.A. to co-write until 18th February,,got a great gig to play there also,,see calender,,very exciting! On 21st February I make a second appearance at th e annual Nashville/Belfast Festival,,"in the round"with Kevin Gordon and Dougie McLean(he wrote "Caledonia"),,,I will let y'all know how it goes,, Last but not least,a big thanks to Luthier Tony Thompson,Arklow based,who has recued my D35 from decline!!

Back from Nashville again!

About a week back here in Ireland following a very cool trip to Nashville ,Tennesse. The big news is that I have now officially signed an agreement with Matt Lindsey Music,Nashville ,Tennesse.Matt,formerly chief of Forerunner Music,is one of the most respected figures in the American music publishing business.He will represent me and my songs to other artists,film and other media.Big things to come! I spent a busy and productive two weeks co writing songs with Irene Kelley,Davis Raines,Charley Stefl,Thomm Jutz,Frank Goodman,and Peter Cronin.Trent Summar got robbed and we had to cancel that date! Next time Trent! Altogether ten songs were written in the 2 week period,,these people get things done! Hugely motivating and creative! I stayed with Thomm Jutz in his beautiful log house outside Nashville,near the lakes.His studio is there also and we were able to record 12 tracks in the period.Nanci Griffith is not long back from a European tour and so my visit luckily coincided with a gap in Thomm's guitar playing duties with Nanci and band. Had a beer with Tony Arata in his local(Dan McGuinness's Irish Bar).I was honored to play as Tony's guest in The Bluebird Cafe,where he was doing a show "in the round" with Janis Iain,and Keith Carruthers,great songwriters,, Played some songs also as a guest of Davis Raines and Irene Kelley at Norm's River Roadhouse,,very cool music venue,,hi to you guys,if any of you read this! That's about all for now,,more soon Tony

Trip to Nashville, Tennessee

I'll be in Nashville from the 20 September 2007 for a couple of weeks recording with Thomm Jutz (Nanci Griffith Band) and attending various co-writing appointments. I will also be playing at the Family Wash and some other song writer showcases, check back with the website for dates and times. Finally, last but not least I will be meeting up with Matt Lindsey, of Matt Lindsey Music, who will be representing myself and my songs to other artists, film, tv and other media.

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