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JANUARY 2017 !  It sounds like a date from a science fiction novel!! But here we are, and still writing, singing, listening to, and recording "hand made music"...what else should we do that is so real, soulful, sharing, and essential? So..with this continued is what is going on at the moment with Tony McLoughlin Music !  2016 late Springtime saw the release by of my 6th studio album "WHERE IS JACK"(available at the usual sites i.e. iTunes, Amazon, Spotify etc) This is a collaboration album with the incredible Marlon Klein of Dissidenten fame ( and it really took me out of my usual rhythmic comfort zone. The resulting music is an exceptional collection Americana, Roots, and Blues..see for yourself!....current plans are for another "Tony McLoughlin" album and I am in the early stages of recording tracks for this. A special treat for me is that I am visiting my son Kim (bass on Where Is Jack album) in Johannesburg at the moment and we are laying down basic tracks in his studio..a first mix of "BLOOD ON BLOOD" is sounding fantastic! More soon folks !.....


NEW ALBUM RELEASE/NEW RECORD DEAL/NEW DATES...Hello friends , as we peep our darkened heads gently out of hibernation ... well another tough month to go... we begin to look for the brightness to come ....See NEWS/BLOG  JAN 2016...

Album review: TONY McLOUGHLIN – The Contender

Posted on September 7, 2013 by admin

He may look uncannily like Billy Connolly’s long lost brother, but opening with strains of Muhammad Ali getting ready to ‘rumble in the jungle’, Tony McLoughlin's fifth album The Contender is a glorious Telecaster-infused slab of Tom Petty/Springsteen inspired Americana.

Working once again with fellow Northern Ireland countryman Ben Reel, this time with McLoughlin co-producing, and with the same rhythm section of Ronnie O’Flynn (bass) and Michael Black (drums), The Contender features the six string virtuosity of long term collaborator German born, Nashville based German Thomm Jutz, German bluesman Timo Gross, and respected Monaghan musician Mick McCarney.

Pete Feenstra pronounced McLoughlin’s last outing as encapsulating ‘all that is good in the contemporary roots rock genre’. And on the strength of The Contender, I’d have to concur – the songs while borrowing heavily on the likes of Petty, stand tall in their own right, and while McLoughlin’s Petty / Springsteen / Knopfler imbued vocals are equally derivative, there’s a shimmering vibrancy that’s reflective of much of Reel’s own recent work.

The Americana market is an overcrowded place at present, but there’s a gritty soul about that The Contender that makes McLoughlin one of its premier exponents. Classy. ****

Review by Pete Whalley